Three new videos: Let's talk about Tuberculosis

Our Degree Programme in Film and Television has joined the campaign to spread information about tuberculosis - again topical after 80 years. All three videos are online with English subtitles.

Tampere Region Hospital District runs a campaign about the symptoms of tuberculosis and the importance of early diagnosis. The information campaign is above all directed at youngsters with an immigrant background. The aim is to reduce the prejudices and fears associated with tuberculosis. The message will be mediated through, for example, dramatised videos. The campaign material will be produced with the financial backing of the Tampere Tuberculosis Foundation.

Tuberculosis was still a common disease in Finland in the 1920s and 1930s but has since become a rarity. However, immigrants coming from countries with a high incidence of tuberculosis have been recognised as a new risk group. Tuberculosis is also endemic among substance abusers in large cities, even in Tampere. The rapid diagnosis and treatment of every case of pulmonary tuberculosis is the only way to break the chain of infection.
Priskilla Ruotsalainen made a presentation on the project at one of the
seminars of our International Week in May

The series of three dramatised videos was produced in cooperation with Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Degree Programme in Film and Television. The scriptwriter of the videos was student Ulpu-Maria Lehtinen.
"The video called Ei Suomessa (Not in Finland) corrects misunderstandings about tuberculosis and calms people’s fears of the disease with the help of interviews we held with some young people. The video called L├Ąpivalaisu (Fluoroscopy) tells the story of a 16-year-old boy whose pulmonary tuberculosis symptoms intensify when he is training for an important football match. The video Paljastus (Revelation) is a humorous vampire story", reveals student Priskilla Ruotsalainen, the producer and director of the project.

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Not in Finland