Karoliina Paappa uses crowd funding to set up scholarship exhibition

Post by Karoliina Paappa
TTVO Scholarship Exhibition November 10 –27 2012
Galleria Rajatila
Upstairs: Karoliina Paappa
Downstairs:Mikko Keskiivari
Hämeenpuisto 10 Tampere

Alice #2, 2011

Every spring a scholarship is awarded to two graduating students of TAMK’s Fine Arts programme. The scholarship holders are chosen by a committee that has representatives from The City of Tampere (Cultural Services), Rajataide ry, TAMK and TAMK’s students. The scholarship entitles to an art exhibition at gallery Rajatila and it includes the space as well as the costs of arrangements. The artists are responsible over the costs of their art pieces. In spring 2011 the scholarship was granted to Karoliina Paappa and Mikko Keskiivari whose art will be seen at Rajatila in November 2012.

Karoliina Paappa tells about crowd funding:
I intend to make a series of photography that is similar to the one I created for my diploma work. I had heard of crowd funding previously, but as I was working with my project on art students’ opinions about professional use of social media, I became more intrigued by it. The idea is that the costs of a project are covered by small individual donations and the artists get to keep all the copyrights to their work.  I am going to test this way of funding, although it is still relatively unfamiliar in Finland.

A few days ago I started a crowd funding campaign via Indiegogo. On my campaign site I tell about my project and my goals as well as present my schedule. Depending on the amount of donation, an individual will be given, for instance, an art poster or a desktop background.

My idea is to show the audience what making art is as the advancing of the project can be followed on the Internet. The everyday life of an artist will be exposed as the processes preceding the final art pieces and exhibition are unveiled. At the same time the artist builds a more personal relationship with those interested in their art and working methods. This also creates opportunities for dialogue.

Personally, I think it is exciting to test this kind of funding as an addition to grants. My hope is that crowd funding will become more popular among Finnish people working in the field of culture and creative arts.

You can take a closer look at the campaign on my website and on Indiegogo.

Best regards,
Karoliina Paappa

Gallery Rajatila