5D First game: finished!

Report: Minna Eloranta
Our traditional 5D summer game development campus has started!

Menu screen for our first 5D game, Game of Gnomes.

5D is a project where two teams of four (+ 1 shared audio guy) design five games in five weeks, five hours a day. Our goal is to create different types of games and finally showing a couple of them in Assembly Summer 2012. 

The first week is over, and on the behalf of my team, I can say that it couldn't have gone better. The game was finished on time which gave us the chance to add a few details that we thought wouldn't make it in the first place. Good time management is almost the most important part of the project, having only 5 days limits some ideas but gives place for creativity to create an engaging game in a short time.

Our team, Antti and Ville (the programmers) and Veli and I (the graphic designers) with our audio and music guy John had a great time working with Unity in creating the game.

1 week down, 4 to go, onward to new ideas!
Our programmers having a battle
A screenshot of our finished game
Minna is student of our international Degree Programme in Media
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