Ice Screen Project "HUMAN-NATURE"

Story: Aino Yrjänä
A group of Tampere University of Applied Science degree and exchange students are going to Kuusamo in North of Finland to create Ice Screen Project, an ice event, on Thursday 23rd of February 6pm in Kuusamo, Iisakki Village. After the project there will be an exhibition about the event in Tampere.
Sculptor Vesa Toukomaa demonstrates to Future Film Project
team the art of ice sawing

Kuusamo was chosen to be the Ice Screen Project location because of its special nature, environment and the co-operation with Kuusamo College. There will be a local point of view and knowledge through nature photographies from Kuusamo College. The ice event combines photography with experimental moving image: animations and bitmapping projected into ice and environment.

In this interactive work of ice the viewer confronts nature in a new perspective when walking through two walls of ice. The captured images of nature mixtures together with  experimental videos. In distance can be seen wheels of modern technology.

Marcus Turppa gets familiar with the material

The project is special because of the co-operation with Kuusamo College photographers and implementation with tourism entrepreneur Ruka Safaris. The project is made possible by Tampere University of Applied Sciences and parterns Kuusamo College and University of Lapland. The City of Jyväskylä supported the project by loaning lightning equipments.

Photos: Satu Leskinen

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