Posters at the entrance to the Mediapolis campus.
The first official workshop day of the iWeek started today with a bang. People are bursting with excitement and anticipation of what is to come. Workshops are happening, exhibitions and installations on the second floor are looking great, and people are still working hard to make everything perfect for the performances in United Studios. It’s a long eventful day ahead of us and everyone is working together to make it as enjoyable and productive as possible. Here we go!

In the United Studios there’s plenty of great pieces of work to see even if you are not participating in the workshops. The morning was spent setting everything up from the exhibitions to the Virtual Gallery and making sure that the preparations for each act and performance happening later were ready. It is always a joy seeing students from different study paths and teachers working together as a team in order to make something amazing come true.

Alisa Komendova's Moving Image final piece shown in the United Studios during the screening of the Fine Artworks.
We’ve had a screening of the final works of the Fine Art Moving Image course and the feedback session. All of the works were shown before the commentators gave their feedback individually to each artist or artists. The feedback came from Jonna Kina (visual artist, Finland), Azar Sayjar (AV-Arkki, Finland) and Fabián Barros (digital artist, Uruguay). In the afternoon there will be a MeKu Platform launching and a Spanish musician Carmen playing a ukulele and covering different songs.

At three the cocktail bar opens and there is a chance for adult drinks as well. The first show of the evening program is a panel discussion on how to build your network in music business featuring some of our students with experience of these situations. Last but not least there is a fast-paced improv comedy show brought to us by YesFinland performing on the stage making us laugh until our stomachs hurt. Loads of exciting things happening until the evening so it’s definitely worth sticking around for.

Here are summaries of a few of the workshops happening, more to come during the days and look forward to the final report on the event.

“Jugaad: create or transform basic objects using trash materials!” - By Tibor Kecskes (TK Studio), Tuesday to Thursday between 10 am and 4 pm.
Two VJs from SWÄG (Tampere-based art, music and event organizing collective) have come to the iWeek to guide the participants on how to make a great visual performance quickly. They will give you tips and help you work through your own footage you were supposed to bring with you to the workshop. The final result is a system for performing live visualisations done be using live programming. The system will be used later in the iWeek to visualise live a musical performance.

"Mixed Reality Experience" - by Jens Herder (HS Duesseldorf, University of Applied Sciences) happening on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 am till 4 pm.
Starting from explaining the technology behind the different VR applications and continuing with discussing the experiences of viewing the recorded footage. The mixed reality can be used for example in real-life applications like education, entertainment, e-sports, tutorials and cinematic trailers. The idea of the workshop is to hands on produce a demonstration video while thinking about how to convey the experience in a virtual environment to third parties.

"Circuit bending" - By Olegtron, only on Tuesday from 10 am till 16 pm.
Olegtron is bringing us an experimental method of modifying electronics sound devices. The idea is to experiment with discarded sound toys and giving them a new life and a playable interface. The toys are torn apart and fiddled around with in order to find interesting spots.

Be sure to follow the Facebook page of the TAMK 11th International Week for more live updates during the week. Also there will be a summary posted about the daily activities every evening in the TAMK Arts and Media blog.

A screenshot from the virtual space.

Virtual Gallery is a virtual experience designed for VR headsets and will be shown during the exhibition HOT FUTURES in Himmelblau Gallery which you can read more about in the previous post. It presents artworks of graduating students and lets users examine, interact and experiment with art in a virtual space. The Virtual Gallery will also be available during the International week at Mediapolis campus between April 24th to April 27th.
The gallery is a part of TAMK’s Smart Art project and started as an opportunity to show young artists and their artworks to a wider audience. Students from different study paths combined their knowledge to include not only art but, music and sound design for the different environments to create the best possible result.

Virtual Gallery is a way for traditional art to exist and develop in new media formats such as VR. It gives the chance to immerse yourself in a different world and experience the works, perhaps in a different way. Inside the gallery you can interact with a variety of elements, you can grab and use items to find your way to the different concepts.

The gallery was developed in Unity game engine, using Virtual Reality Toolkit (VRTK) as thee framework to build the experience. The gallery consists of a hub scene and twelve more spaces each dedicated to a different artist. Each artist scene has been personalized according to their requirements to offer unique and distinctive experiences.

We hope to see you in both events as there is much to see and learn. As the technology evolves so must we and TAMK’s students have worked hard to bring you the chance to experience this amazing opportunity. Here are the links to the events so you can check out more information about them or read the previous blog posts for summaries.


- iWEEK -

WHAT: Degree show of TAMK's graduating Fine Art students
WHERE: Grafiikanpaja Himmelblau
WHEN: 19.4.-9.5.2018

The class of 2014 from Tampere University of Applied Sciences Fine Art path is reaching the end of their studies. Together they have arranged an exhibition where everyone’s thesis works will be displayed. This degree show will be available for the public between the 19th of April and the 9th of May in Himmelblau’s gallery.

Himmelblau is the leading art gallery and graphic studio in Finland. After being founded back in 1989 they have helped and collaborated with over a hundred artists. They help with the journey of an art piece by exhibiting it and selling the productions of the artists.

The works that will be featured are done by (from left to right) Veera Nelimarkka, Juuso Kuivila, Julia Matinniemi, Nicolo Arnoldi, Isa Hedez, Khalid Imran, Anniina Puiras, Alexandra Mitiku, Lavinia Nuvola, Konsta Koivisto, Riina Haapakallio, and Mikael Seidler.

Our graduating year has people from many different countries and backgrounds. They are all amazing and talented individuals who have their own ways of expressing themselves. The themes of the art pieces vary from endangered species to cultural challenges featuring light and heavy moods. The artists also use a variety of different techniques such as painting and virtual reality. 

Warm up by having a look at our website, where you can get to know the artists and see what everyone is up to. See you on the 19th of April!
-Julia Matinniemi, Facebook event page

You can read more about each artist on their webpage and find links to their webpages, portfolios and/or social media accounts. Also, the Art Media TAMK Facebook page has given each artist their moment in the spotlight and you can find out even more information about our graduates.

Follow for more updates!

WHAT: TAMK Art, Music and Media 11th International Week
WHERE: Mediapolis campus Tampere
WHEN: 24.4.-27.4.2018

It’s time again for the annual International Week and we’re hitting the 11th consecutive year of the event. As usual we have exciting workshops to share with you and this time we come to you with a lot of interesting workshops about trans-media, Virtual Reality, Film & television, awesome performances and exhibitions and many many more great programmes. And all of this for free!
As the tradition dictates the TAMK Art, Music and Media International Week has gathered over 150 partners and friends from 30 countries to Mediapolis in Tampere to share their experiences and knowledge. Our teachers, students, partners and friends all work together to bring you this amazing opportunity. The main point is for everyone to learn from each other during these four intensive days.

A picture from last year’s iWeek featuring some of the participants and people who were involved in making this event happen.

This year the topic for the iWeek is “Who do we think we are? Identity, Diversity, Equality”. The programme has several different workshops, seminars, presentations, exhibitions, concerts and screenings. You can find the schedule from their webpage with also the link for the participant registration form that you can fill out to register to the event. On the webpage there is also a section with instructions on how to get to the Mediapolis campus and getting around in Tampere.
From their webpage you can find the event blog where people have been writing about the process and their thoughts and ideas about the iWeek from all the way back to 2008 when the event came to be for the first time. Also, the Facebook page features updates about the workshops, partners, schedule and stories from the actual event.

The workshops run from Tuesday to Thursday, with topics like “Sound, Emotion and User Experience” by Antti Jylhä from the Hague University of Applied Sciences, “Connecting Neighborhoods: diverse_CITY” by Graham Cooper and Martyn Thayne from University of Lincoln and “Live Reporting” by Yuwei Lin from University of Stirling.
-Sohvi Sirkesalo, iWeek blog
As the event gathers people from all around the world with different skills and backgrounds this is a unique once a year opportunity to get to know interesting people and learn something new.
Be sure to follow their social media sites and check their webpage for updates on the schedule and most importantly register for the event!